Do I Need To Get a Car Accident Lawyer For An Accident That Wasn't My Fault?

From getting the full compensation for your vehicle to obtaining the best medical treatment, a car accident lawyer can be of great help after an accident.

car accident lawyer

A car accident may be the last thing people want to face. But unfortunately, we get to witness plenty of car accidents every day with severe physical and mental trauma. In many cases, people think they can handle the matter after an accident, especially when it is not their fault. However, we agree that getting a lawyer after a car crash, especially if it is a bad one, is the best course of action.

A lawyer works as an advocate for the clients. He or she helps you to avoid any accountability and can guide you through the process of a personal injury claim. They work to protect your rights.

Even in Brisbane, car accidents are not infrequent. After an accident, managing everything by yourself along with all the stress and trauma of the accident could be quite hectic. To unload some pressure, let the Brisbane car accident lawyers manage the legal processes for you.

I Was Not The Perpetrator, then Why Should I Hire An Accident Lawyer?

From minor to severe, the accident can cause you various levels of injuries and damage to your vehicle. To get compensation for the damages, you need to apply for an injury claim. The insurance company of the driver at fault will have a financial motive and make it difficult for you to get your claim. At worst, the driver may deny that he caused the accident. He and his insurance company may try to prove that you are the responsible party.

Insurance companies act like good neighbors and try to ensure that we are in good hands. Although, the truth is they are more like the neighbors who desecrate our beautiful lawn with their pet and give a lame excuse like they might have gotten out of the yard. So, dealing with them may need some strategies.

A lawyer can save you from all their clever moves. He will take the necessary measures to prove that you are not the perpetrator. He may use his professional connections to bring an expert witness and present testimony to help prove your innocence. For example, an assessment of a mechanical engineer on the cause of your injuries, or a digital reconstruction of the accident.

Besides, he will take action against the insurance company for denial to pay a logical claim. Your attorney will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

They usually try to settle the issues out of court, but if matters get worse, they can fight for you at court as well. Moreover, if you let a lawyer manage all the legal pitfalls for you, you will be able to give more focus on your hospital visits and injury treatments. To make sure that your injuries heal timely and correctly, you may need to follow a recovery regimen and certain lifestyle modifications. Hiring a lawyer will give you enough time for these.

ROC Legal are Brisbane compensation lawyers who are specialists in car accidents and personal injury claims. If you have recently been injured in a car accident, we recommend this firm to find the best lawyer for you.

What Will Happen If My Damages Are Severe Than The At-Fault Driver's Insurance Coverage?

If your damages are more than the other driver's insurance coverage, your lawyer can look for other ways to make sure you receive the full compensation you deserve. One of them may be going after the personal properties of the driver at fault.

Your insurance company can also help you in situations like this. If you have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, medical bills coverage on your insurance, or uninsured coverage, your insurance may help you to bear the expenses for some of the damages.

You may find it difficult to decide when to apply for a claim with your and the other party’s insurance company. Brisbane car accident lawyers will ensure that you apply to the right insurance provider at the right time.

How Will A Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Your attorney will gather evidence, such as the police report, statements of the witnesses to confirm your case. He will also document your financial losses by collecting your medical and employment records.

With this information, he will evaluate the total value of your lawsuit and advise you on the right amount for settlement. Insurance companies usually offer the lowest amount for settlement that they want you to accept. Without a lawyer, you might settle for a far lower amount than what is needed for your injury treatments and car repair as you certainly do not possess the knowledge of managing personal injury claims like a lawyer.

A very common mistake people make while handling their claims is by agreeing to an early settlement offer by the insurance company before knowing the full extent of their injuries. Later it turns out that they are going to suffer from long-term complications because of the injuries and the settlement money is not sufficient to cover them. After the settlement process, you can not reopen the case or ask for more compensation. Your claim is permanently closed once you have settled. Getting a lawyer involved can stop you from making this mistake. Your lawyer will refrain you from accepting a settlement before you have fully recovered from your injuries.

While going through the settlement process, your lawyer will ensure that you do not sign on rights more than you should. Insurance companies have a bunch of lawyers who make the settlement papers for them to protect their interests, not yours. It is your car accident lawyer who will work for protecting your rights and interests. He will review the settlement offers given by the Insurance company and will directly deal with them to reach a better agreement for you.

If your insurance company unfairly refuses to give any payments from your policy, your lawyer can deal with them as well. Your car accident lawyer can also recommend financial professionals if you acquire a considerable sum of money from the case. They will help you to manage issues like financial planning, taxes, etc. You will not get this advantage if you don't hire a car accident lawyer in the first place.

What Types Of Harms Occur After A Car Accident?

Following an automobile crash, two categories of compensatory damages occur: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages cover reduced earnings, treatment bills, property damage, and so on.These damages can easily be measured in monetary amounts. Your lawyer may use records like your hospital bills, repair records, and work records to estimate these damages.

Non-economic damages that can occur after a car accident include agony and pain, disability, disfigurement, etc. These damages can not be measured as easily as the economic damages, although they are just as true and valid damages. Your lawyer will assess the suitable amount of compensation you should get for these damages.

After an accident, there are many ways to obtain compensation for your damages. However, not all are applicable for every kind of accident. You can waste money and time if you try to get the wrong type of compensation. The car accident lawyers of Brisbane with their expertise can determine the compensations you have the best possibility to win with your case.

What Else Do I Need To Know Before Getting Started?

After an accident, you need to report to the police immediately. The police will make the necessary records that will help with your insurance claims as well as your expenses for recovery from the accident. They will check if the in-fault driver was drunk driving, or drugged driving, or anything like that. Make sure to take photographs of both the cars as evidence of the occurred damages.

After filing the report, visit your doctor and do a complete medical examination even if you feel fine at the moment. Some injuries may not be visible immediately but can get worse with time.

Will I Still Need To Pay If I Don’t Win The Case?

Brisbane car accident lawyers work on a no-win-no-fee basis. You will only need to pay the legal fee if you get a positive outcome in your case. So the answer is, no, you won't need to pay if you don't win the case.

Do not make expenses the reason for not hiring a lawyer and manage your claims on your own. By getting a lawyer involved you may win a much larger amount of money even after you pay the lawyer's fees than you would have won if you handled the claim process alone.

In conclusion, we know that managing everything after an accident can be difficult. The Brisbane car accident lawyers will ensure that you are fairly treated in your claiming process and will try that you don't face any difficulties. 

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Posted - 03/31/2021