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Can a university that I'm a professor at take classes away from me because I'm handicapped?

I am a handicapped professor at local college. I have Multiple Sclerosis. Before I got sick, I was an energetic lecturer, I was writing on the board. The MS did not affect my cognitive skills, but it affected the way I teach. Now I have to sit and use power point slides and and send the power point slides to the students. I also use a pointer. Now I am also using a microphone to help with my voice projections. Normally, I would teach three classes per semester, but two were taken away from me and now I teach only one course per semester.

Posted - on 10/28/2016 | Indiana

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Paul Strauss

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Your college is required to provide you with reasonable accommodations to allow you to continue to work with your multiple sclerosis. The steps you have taken sound reasonable. If you are able to teach effectively with those steps, the college cannot take away your classes. I'm a lawyer with 35 years of experience handling employment discrimination cases, including disabilties cases. Please contact me if you would like to discuss further. Thank you. Paul Strauss (773) 551-5350

Posted - on 01/05/2017