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What legal steps can I take to retrieve my janitorial equipment from someone who did not pay for the equipment as promised?

My company is an LLC that has a contract with an individual who leased janitorial equipment from me. Almost all terms of the contract were breached by the other party. He has now stopped answering my calls and emails. He was subcontracted through a major company who was working at a city facility. I went to his home address where a family member said he doesn't reside there anymore and the stadium where he worked said he was fired. He also has a very common name so it's difficult to find him. I'd like to get my equipment back. What can I do?

Posted - on 03/08/2017 | Florida

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Glenn Manishin

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If you know or can locate the individual's assets (bank accounts, real estate, etc.) you can bring an "attachment" action to encumber them and levy against the assets. Typically lawsuits against an individual cannot be initiated without personal service of a complaint, but service by "publication" is permitted in some circumstances.

Posted - on 03/09/2017